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Postgres won't start

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/03/postgres-wont-start/ 2017-03-01

Today, after shutting down Postgres, to add memory to the machine, it refused to start.

Migrating a host from one ZFS pool to another

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2016/12/migrating-host-zfs/ 2016-12-18

Some time ago, I created a build machine to test out pkg building using poudriere for i386, amd64, and armv6.

Supermicro IPMI Reset

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2016/12/supermicro-ipmi-reset/ 2016-12-17

Sometimes you need to make changes to your IPMI setup but you don’t want to take the machine offline to do it.

Abuse scripts

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2016/12/building-a-mailserver-part9/ 2016-12-13

I found a nice script at Calomel pf that watches web server logs and adds abusive hosts to a blacklist. I made a few minor adjustments to it.

PolicyD (v2) (cluebringer), SPF

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2016/12/building-a-mailserver-part5/ 2016-12-13

If you’re looking for a policy server that includes greylisting, PolicyD is a solid choice.


https://cryptomonkeys.com/2016/12/building-a-mailserver-part8/ 2016-12-13

Roundcube is one of the better webmail solutions.

dspam, Dovecot, Postfix

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2016/12/building-a-mailserver-part4/ 2016-12-12

DSPAM is a statistical spam filter. It is intended to be scalable, content-based spam filter for large multi-user systems. Documentation for dspam.