If you are new to routing instances, pinging may not behave as you expect.

Overview With all the JunOS work I’ve been doing, I would be remis not to include something about monitoring. JunOS MIBs Look at MIBs on the box Dump them to a file and look at them offline SNMPv3 set snmp location City,State,Country set snmp contact "admins@cmhome" set snmp v3 usm local-engine user zabbix authentication-sha authentication-key "my secret key" set snmp v3 usm local-engine user zabbix privacy-aes128 privacy-key "my other key" set snmp v3 vacm security-to-group security-model usm security-name zabbix group zabbix set snmp v3 vacm access group zabbix default-context-prefix security-model any security-level privacy read-view all set snmp v3 snmp-community cmhome security-name zabbix set snmp engine-id use-mac-address set snmp view all oid .

Sometimes you need to setup a tunnel between different kinds of endpoints.

Updated to include IPv6

I got the opportunity to deploy some HA SRX clusters, and decided to make use of the management interface.

Sometimes you need to make changes to your IPMI setup but you don’t want to take the machine offline to do it.

One of the thing that was a mild irritation was that Rancid didn’t work with git.