UNIX, Security, and Privacy

Juniper SRX and Cisco ASA

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2019/02/juniper-srx-cisco-asa/ 2019-02-19

In all the vendor documentation I find, examples for setting up IPSec tunnels use some of the worst encryption possible.

Using Hazel to sort files by domain

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2019/02/hazel-sort-by-domain/ 2019-02-12

Hazel is a useful utility, sort of like the unix tools cron and shell combined.

FreeBSD and blacklistd

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2018/05/freebsd-blacklistd/ 2018-05-13

What is blacklistd(8)?

SRX Routing Instances

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2018/04/srx-routing-instances/ 2018-04-17

If you are new to routing instances, pinging may not behave as you expect.

OS X automatic VPN connection

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2018/04/osx-auto-vpn/ 2018-04-07

When I wander from place to place, I don’t want to have to remember to connect to the right VPN.

Customizing iTerm

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2018/03/customizing-iterm/ 2018-03-15

I’m trying something new. Selectively coloring output on network device terminals.

My iOS Apps

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2018/01/ios-apps-i-find-useful/ 2018-01-23

This is a list of some iOS Apps I find useful.