UNIX, Security, and Privacy

Introduction to UNIX part 2

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/08/intro-to-unix-part2/ 2014-08-10

Manipulating files

Introduction to UNIX part 1

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/08/intro-to-unix/ 2014-08-03

UNIX is an operating system which was first developed in the 1960s, and has been under constant development ever since.

Automatic HTTP proxy

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/07/automatic-http-proxy/ 2014-07-18

This will be a 2 part post. Part 1 is setting up Squid, Nginx, DNS, and the PAC file.

BP1 Hard Reset

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/06/bp1-hard-reset/ 2014-06-30

Hardware reset for Blackphone BP1

vSphere 5, iSCSI, and FreeNAS

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/03/vmware-vsphere55-iscsi-freenas/ 2014-03-08

I did some exploration over the past few months on storage for my home lab (This post is not about number crunching different setups).

Juniper SRX and IPv6 Tunnel

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/03/juniper-srx-ipv6-tunnel/ 2014-03-08

This has been updated and tested working with JunOS 12.3X48-D35.7

The last time I moved, I went through the unfortunate bit of having to change Hurricane Electric tunnel servers.

OpenSSH, ECDSA, and OS X

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2014/02/osx-openssh-ecdsa/ 2014-02-17

I’ve been wanting to play with ECDSA ssh keys for a while (If memory serves, it became available in early 2011).