A few months ago, a friend asked me for feedback on what kinds of network technologies should be taught in school (college level).

This will be a 2 part post. Part 1 is setting up Squid, Nginx, DNS, and the PAC file.

This has been updated and tested working with JunOS 12.3X48-D35.7

The last time I moved, I went through the unfortunate bit of having to change Hurricane Electric tunnel servers.

Many operating systems use the EUI-64 algorithm to generate IPv6 addresses. This algorithm derives the last 64 bits of the IPv6 address using the MAC address. Many see this as a privacy problem. The last half of your IP address will never change, and with MAC addresses being somewhat unique, the interface ID becomes close to a unique “cookie” identifying your system.

Bits of information related to the best server operating system I’ve found.