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Strange packet duplication issue

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/12/packet-duplication/ 2017-12-17

I ran into an interesting problem with a network this last few weeks.

Monitoring JunOS in Zabbix

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/07/monitoring-junos-in-zabbix/ 2017-07-25
Overview With all the JunOS work I’ve been doing, I would be remis not to include something about monitoring. JunOS MIBs Look at MIBs on the box Dump them to a file and look at them offline SNMPv3 set snmp location City,State,Country set snmp contact "admins@cmhome" set snmp v3 usm local-engine user zabbix authentication-sha authentication-key "my secret key" set snmp v3 usm local-engine user zabbix privacy-aes128 privacy-key "my other key" set snmp v3 vacm security-to-group security-model usm security-name zabbix group zabbix set snmp v3 vacm access group zabbix default-context-prefix security-model any security-level privacy read-view all set snmp v3 snmp-community cmhome security-name zabbix set snmp engine-id use-mac-address set snmp view all oid .

APC Cabinets

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/06/apc-cabinets/ 2017-06-20

I’ve had a computer rack of one kind or another (at home) for over a decade.

UniFi on FreeBSD

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/06/unifi-on-freebsd/ 2017-06-15

Tired of consumer level wifi? Don’t want to afford Ruckus or Aerohive?

Juniper SRX, IPSec, and pfSense

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/06/pfsense-srx/ 2017-06-04

Sometimes you need to setup a tunnel between different kinds of endpoints.

SAGE Job Descriptions

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/05/sage-job-descriptions/ 2017-05-31

Grouping job skills into easily understandable collections

Juniper SRX management interface

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2017/05/srx-management-interface/ 2017-05-25

Updated to include IPv6

I got the opportunity to deploy some HA SRX clusters, and decided to make use of the management interface.