Dell MD3000i Factory Reset

Quick note on what I had to lookup when I needed to reset a Dell MD3000i to factory defaults. This process assumes you have the proper cable already (it looks like a headphone jack on one end and an rs232 on the other).

Factory Defaults

Connect the serial cable to a terminal emulator of your choice and set to 115200,8,N,1 with flow control = none.

Power on the ~MD3000i and press “CTRL B” when it starts to boot.

Type 10 and hit enter for "Serial Interface Mode Menu"
Type 1 and hit enter for "Console Only"
Type Q and hit enter to exit
Type R and hit enter to reboot.

Watch the boot sequence and when you see “sodMain complete”, hit enter and type “sysWipeZero 1” and hit enter.

The system will reset and go back to default settings.

From here, it should DHCP, and let you connect and manage it with the normal Windows software.