SSH Keys on Network Devices

I got an oppertunity to upgrade my Cisco 2960G switch to something supporting SSH keys (12.2(58)SE2). I wanted to know how the process compares with my Juniper EX switches.

I’m assuming that you already have a user, and that SSH enabled, and I’m not discussing SSH versions, or security implications.  Only the process each vendor makes me jump through.

The cisco process looks like this:

1ip ssh pubkey-chain
2    username foo
3    key-string (copy and paste the pubkey (some devices don't support 
4		more than 254 characters, so you'll have to divy up the key 
5		into chunks and paste each chunk on its own line) )
6    exit

The Juniper process looks like this:

1set username foo authentication ssh-rsa "public-key";

If I look at my ssh public key (4k), it shows up as the equiv. of 10 lines. On the cisco, I’m typing/pasting 15 lines. On the Juniper, I’m typing/pasting 1 (albeit long) line.

It took a bit of googling to find the information about IOS not supporting more than 254c on a line. It fails to tell you anything itself, but rather beeps (obvious, right?) and the key of course isn’t valid, so it ignores it.

Why must the IOS interface be so awkward?