Sort of a continuation of the last post. This still uses FreeBSD, pfSense, Juniper SRX but it could fairly easily be adapted to OpnSense (fork/clone of pfSense), and other network vendor appliances.

Telegraf1 is an agent that is capable of collecting various metrics and exporting them to various storage backends.

If you want to export your FreeNAS1 reporting information to some kind of monitor/collector, graphite is how its done.

Time Series1 databases are all the rage right now.

Corrupted TimeMachine backups are annoying. There frequently isn’t any actual problem with the data, just that TimeMachine doesn’t know how to access.

This is a really terrible way of cloning one box to another.

There are plenty of articles that discuss how to handle FreeNAS to FreeNAS replication, its even covered in the FreeNAS documentation (thank you iX Systems for both automatic and manual setups.