Laptop Bag

Some bits commonly stashed in my bag.

Collection of cables, adapters, accessories, dongles, and devices of varying use, depending on what I’m trying to accomplish.

Commonly used devices or things



  • Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter - For connecting to wired networks (most frequently, in datacenters)
  • Set of 2 Portapow USB charging adapters Apple and Universal - Physically disabled data pins, secure charging for travel
  • Ethernet double female connector - In case I need to make a longer cable from 2 short ones
  • Ethernet cross-over connector - I made mine from a double female connector, just take it apart and alter the wiring pins.
  • Apple mag safe2 power adapter
  • 30pin to Bluetooth - Stream music to old iPod accessories
  • RS232 Gender Bender - Useful when working with serial devices (routers?)
  • Airconsole - Serial console tool, lets you connect over wifi, ethernet, or bluetooth. Includes adapters for Cisco, RS232, and RS232 Null Modem. Powered by USB (also has battery).