pfSense 2.4

Sort of a continuation of the last post. This still uses FreeBSD, pfSense, Juniper SRX but it could fairly easily be adapted to OpnSense (fork/clone of pfSense), and other network vendor appliances.

Sometimes you need to setup a tunnel between different kinds of endpoints.

This is the first of a multi-post. The end goal is to have on-demand VPN capability from OS X, iOS, and Android (technically, PrivatOS; Blackphone) to a pfSense box that will work on any network where HTTPS is allowed. The first post will cover setting up pfSense and OpenVPN.

Useful Apps

This is a list of some Apps (and links if they aren’t in the Apple App Store) I find useful (many are available through homebrew’s cask system).

pfSense is a great firewall/router for a nerdy home, or business. It offers all the standard features (stateful firewall, NAT, routing, IPv6, VPN, and high availability) for free.