UNIX, Security, and Privacy

Mutt and msmtp on OS X

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/09/mutt-and-msmtp-on-osx/ 2015-09-30

I’ve used Mutt on and off for “a long time”.

Securing iOS Mail

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/09/securing-ios-mail/ 2015-09-20

Securing your mail keeps other people from being able to get your (email) password, or read the email as it goes between the server and your iOS device.

h2o and HTTP/2

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/09/h2o-and-http-2/ 2015-09-14

The HTTP/21 RFC (7540)2 is now 4 months old (May, 2015).

Locking down the iPhone

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/09/locking-down-the-iphone/ 2015-09-01

By default, Apple devices are moderately secure.

FreeBSD Install

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/08/freebsd-install/ 2015-08-31

Sometimes, people think that installing an operating system is complicated, or scary.


https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/08/pelican-wordpress-conversion/ 2015-08-26

This is the second post on Pelican. Its not exactly in the order I’ve been doing it, but its easier than jumping back and forth.

blockdiag and OS X

https://cryptomonkeys.com/2015/08/osx-blockdiag/ 2015-08-22

Installing blockdiag on OS X is fairly straight forward. A couple pip commands later and you’ll be done.