IPv6 and a HP4350

 08.08.2013 -  Louis Kowolowski -  ~1 Minute

The price of an HP Jet Direct 635n has finally come down enough to get one for the house.

I picked one up off ebay for ~$100. Why would I want a 635n? Doesn’t the HP 4350 (DTNSL) come with an onboard (embedded) Jet Direct card? Yes it does. One which would work fine for most people. Why can’t I live with out the 635n? The 635n offers IPSec and IPv6. The latter is more interesting to me, since the idea of needing encryption on the network when the printer provides a hard copy of what just went over the network seems a bit silly. IPv6 on the other hand, means I have one fewer (embedded) device/appliance which relies on IPv4.

I had to disable the onboard JetDirect card using the buttons on theĀ  printer. There was no way to do it from the browser. Once I figured that out, configuring the new card was easy.